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Clash Of The Titans (remake)

I had one question about the Clash Of The Titans remake, would an 8 year old version of me be as blown away by this version of the film as the real 8 year old me was by the original? Obviously, that is impossible to answer definitively but having seen the film I have to say 'maybe.' The 36 year old me was distinctly unimpressed.
The 8 year old me would have been awestruck by the CGI. The 36 year old me was considerably less so. I found it hard to give a toss about anything in the film at all. Maybe the 8 year old me would not be so jaded and cynical, but he didnt have to pay for his ticket - I did. The Ray Harryhausen effects in the original have a charm and nostalgia value that I doubt this film ever will. Speaking of which this was the worst 3-D presentation I have seen yet. The parts of the film that were 3-D gained little from the process and massive chunks of the film were just regular 2-D and for this we were charged an additional small fortune! I will be sticking with the original, I think.
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