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Weird Movie Weekend

As a follow up to the dvd's I shared with friends last week I hosted another movie day at my flat this weekend. I polled my friends by text message during the week and the majority wanted to see more weird stuff.

Calamari Wrestler:
We started the double bill with this Kawaski classic. Its a Japanese film whose title is pretty much also the plot synopsis. It is the adventures of a half-human/half-squid professional wrestler. It could be any sporting movie ever - think Rocky but with tentacles. This went down fairly well.

I put up "Rug Cop" (another Kawasaki film) featuring a police officer with a projectile weapon hair-piece OR "For Your Height Only" a midget based James Bond spoof from the Philipines. Either film was broadly welcomed but we opted instead for a third choice...

Fido was a bit of a change of pace - a zombie movie that looks like Pleasantville and stars Billy Connolly ss the main zombie. Its funny and not exactly mainstream but only loosely qualifies as weird in my opinion, but qualify it did and was very well received even by the non-zombie fans in the room.

We have already decided to meet again for more next weekend and have set "Zombies" as the theme for the next time. Luckily thats one of my stronger areas but the trick will be finding the balance between movies that people havent seen before and movies that will still be fun to those who are not zombie hardcore.
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