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Thai & Japanese Zombies

This past week Ive been watching some of the newer dvds I have bought - among them some cosmopolitan additions to the zombie genre.

'Sars Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis' is the Thai offering. You may expect a Thai zombie film with this sort of film to be pretty bloody silly and you would be right. The problem is that sometimes it tries a little TOO HARD to be silly, with poor results. In terms of its production values and general aesthetic its not a million miles away from some of the better Troma releases but my expectations had been built up by the great title - only to fall as flat as too many of the jokes in the film had done.

'Tokyo Zombie' pushed more of the right buttons than the other film. It proudly proclaims itself to be the "Japanese Shaun Of The Dead" - a proud claim that it almost lives up to, but not quite. It does have some good laughs and some nicely understated performances from its central pair of characters. Its based on a very successful comic and is quite a lively adaptation. Its good clean zombie fun, not as good as its own hype but still pretty good.
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